Group Classes for Cool Kids

We've got classes for:

Kids under 7

Kids between

7 and 12 ish


Image by Marius Masalar
Image by Manuel Nägeli
Image by Obie Fernandez

Learn 'The Entertainer' and 'Für Elise' in 10 weeks.


Learn to read music, understand rhythm, and play with both hands.

Have some good structure and peer support.

Learn to understand and analyze music.

(Starting with Mozart.

Ending with Gershwin. It's kinda like learning Latin. Once you know it, you know heaps of languages.)

Compose and write your own music.

Meet some other kids from all over the world.

Learn good fingering and bowing.

Starting with Vivaldi (who is so unbelievably awesome.)

Progress to using vibrato and playing most beautiful instrument ever.

Don't go it alone. Do it with other cool kids.

Learn good technique and embouchure.

Starting with Mozart ('cause, like, he's a reason to live.)

Progress to really singing and swinging with some jazz.

And the best part . . . meet some other cool kids from around the world.

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We are partnered with these guys! They make lovely fun little kid classes. Used to be just based in Berlin... then Hamburg... then online! So everyone can join the fun!

Learn more at this link: 


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